Reported speech

Indirect speech definition

Indirect speech definition: Indirect speech is when we report what someone has said, but we do not quote their exact words. Instead, we paraphrase their remarks. For example, if someone says “I’m going to the store,” we might report this as “She said that she was going to the store.” Indirect speech is often used … Read more

Direct speech examples

Direct speech examples: There are many different ways to incorporate direct speech into writing. For example, a character could be speaking to another character, or the narrator could be recounting something that was said. direct speech is used to give the reader insight into Holden’s character. In everyday life, people use direct speech to express … Read more

Direct and indirect speech rules

Direct and indirect speech rules: Reported speech, also referred to as direct and indirect speech, is a method of expressing what another person has said without explicitly quoting them. It is especially useful when the speaker is not present or when the original speaker’s words are not known exactly. Reported speech definition is the act … Read more

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