Commonly Confused Words Worksheet

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet:

Usually, confounded words are coordinates or gatherings of words frequently abused because of their comparable spellings, articulations, or implications. These semantic entanglements can prompt misconceptions in both written and spoken correspondence. For example, “acknowledge” and “acknowledgment” may appear to be tradable; however, “acknowledge” alludes to the activity of getting or consenting to something, while “acknowledgment” relates to the demonstration of eagerly consenting to get or attempting. Another model is “influence” and “impact.” “Influence” is an action word signifying impact or change, while “impact” addresses the change or result created by a specific activity. These differentiations stretch out to different coordinates, for example, “bear” (to convey) and “exposed” (uncovered), “praise” (recognition) and “supplement” (something that finishes), and “farther” (actual distance) and “further” (degree or degree). Understanding these distinctions is essential for viable correspondence and exact articulation in both written and spoken language.

  1. She couldn’t ___________ (accept/except) the fact that she failed the exam.
  2. The teacher asked the students to ___________ (quiet/quite) down during the lecture.
  3. I can’t find my keys; they seem to have ___________ (disappeared/disinterested).
  4. The new software is supposed to ___________ (affect/effect) our productivity positively.
  5. He has a ___________ (lead/led) the team to victory in the championship.
  6. The ___________ (capital/capitol) of the country is known for its historic landmarks.
  7. Please ___________ (bear/bare) with me while I find the information.
  8. The dessert is ___________ (principal/principle) made with fresh fruits and cream.
  9. The magician’s tricks were so ___________ (elusive/allusive) that no one could figure them out.
  10. The children were ___________ (already/all ready) for the school bus when it arrived.
  11. The ___________ (stationary/stationery) store sells pens, notebooks, and other office supplies.
  12. The CEO decided to ___________ (affect/effect) changes in the company’s policies.
  13. The cat ___________ (lay/lie) lazily in the sun for hours.
  14. The ___________ (compliment/complement) of flavors in the dish made it truly delicious.
  15. The team ___________ (further/farther) discussed their strategy for the upcoming match.
  16. The storm caused significant ___________ (damage/damages) to the houses in the area.
  17. The athlete showed great ___________ (discipline/disinterested) during the intense training.
  18. I couldn’t ___________ (choose/chose) between the two options; both seemed appealing.
  19. The news of her promotion came as a pleasant ___________ (surprise/surprising).
  20. The movie had a ___________ (continuous/continual) flow of suspense and action.
  21. He ___________ (brake/break) the vase accidentally while cleaning the shelf.
  22. The doctor recommended a ___________ (healthful/healthy) diet and regular exercise.
  23. She ___________ (its/it’s) been a challenging year for everyone.
  24. The politician delivered an inspiring ___________ (speech/speak) at the rally.
  25. The ___________ (lead/led) actor gave a remarkable performance in the film.
  26. The ___________ (effect/affect) of the medication was noticeable within a few hours.
  27. The ___________ (principal/principle) reason for the project’s success was effective teamwork.
  28. The comedian’s jokes were so ___________ (funny/fun) that the audience couldn’t stop laughing.
  29. The river ___________ (flows/flu) gently through the picturesque valley.
  30. Please make sure to ___________ (compliment/complement) your colleague on their achievements.
  31. The weather forecast predicts a ___________ (chance/chaos) of rain later in the day.
  32. The ___________ (lead/led) guitarist played a mesmerizing solo during the concert.
  33. The team captain showed great ___________ (disinterested/discipline) on and off the field.
  34. The company decided to ___________ (lay/lie) off some employees due to financial challenges.
  35. The ___________ (capital/capitol) building is an iconic symbol of the nation’s government.
  36. The author’s use of vivid descriptions created a strong ___________ (affect/effect) on the readers.
  37. The ___________ (weather/whether) is perfect for a picnic in the park.
  38. The teacher asked the students to submit their assignments by the ___________ (due/do) date.
  39. The ___________ (principle/principal) of the school is dedicated to academic excellence.
  40. The committee will ___________ (review/revise) the proposal before making a decision.
  41. The ___________ (stationary/stationery) bike in the gym is out of order.
  42. The artist used a variety of colors to create a vibrant ___________ (canvas/canvass).
  43. The ___________ (affect/effect) of climate change on wildlife is a matter of concern.
  44. The scientist conducted an ___________ (experiment/experience) to test the hypothesis.
  45. The student’s essay had a ___________ (good/well) structure and compelling arguments.
  46. The athlete’s dedication and hard work were ___________ (alluded/eluded) to in the interview.
  47. The company decided to ___________ (further/farther) investigate the issue before taking action.
  48. The ___________ (bare/bear) essentials for the camping trip include a tent and sleeping bag.
  49. The ___________ (peak/peek) of the mountain was covered in snow.
  50. The ___________ (site/sight) of the ancient ruins was breathtaking.


  1. accept
  2. quiet
  3. disappeared
  4. effect
  5. led
  6. capital
  7. bear
  8. principal
  9. elusive
  10. ready
  11. stationary
  12. effect
  13. lay
  14. complement
  15. further
  16. damage
  17. discipline
  18. choose
  19. surprise
  20. continuous
  21. broke
  22. healthy
  23. It’s
  24. speech
  25. lead
  26. effect
  27. principal
  28. funny
  29. flows
  30. compliment
  31. chance
  32. lead
  33. discipline
  34. lay
  35. capitol
  36. effect
  37. weather
  38. due
  39. principal
  40. review
  41. stationary
  42. canvas
  43. effect
  44. experiment
  45. well
  46. alluded
  47. further
  48. bare
  49. peak
  50. sight

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