Types of Noun

types of noun




Types of Noun are:

  1. Common Noun, 2.Proper Noun, 3.Countable Noun, 4.Uncountable Noun, 5. Concrete Noun, 6.Abstract Noun, 7.Compound Noun, 8.Collective Noun.

1.Common Noun:

It denotes to a generic uses like, girl , boy, Dog, Building,Restaurant.

Examples of Common Noun:

A boy offers his father to go library with him.

A Teacher ask student for yesterday home work.

2. Proper Noun:

It refers to a specific name of person thing etc.it begin with capital letter in any position in sentence.

Example of Proper Noun:

Mr. Smith is on Vacation that is why he is not attending calls.

Sara is the good student in the class.

Mr. Smith and Sara are proper name.

3. Countable Noun: 

Countable noun describe the quantity  it contain singular or plural form, can be used with a number or a/an before it.

Example of Countable Noun:


 Singular Plural

4.Uncountable Noun:

They can not be counted, mass, liquid, emotions,ideas, wind.

example of uncountable Noun:

Wood,Water, Milk.

5. Concrete Noun:

concrete Noun are such noun which are tangible , like Books,Tree, human,

6. Abstract Noun:

like are uncountable, Such as Hate,Love, Sea, misery,Dream, Friendship.  

Example of Abstract Noun: He loves the birds passionately, Mr. John feels misery after his father death.

7.Compound Noun:

It consist two or more word combination, most compound nouns in English are formed by nouns modified by other nouns or adjectives.

   Noun+Noun    PoliceManPoliceman
  Noun+Noun   DiningTableDinning Table
 Verb+Noun Washing MachineWashing machine
  Adjective+               Noun Soft waresoftware

compound noun often have a meaning that is different from the two words.

Many common compound nouns are formed from phrasal verbs (verb + Adverb + or Adverb + verb)

Example:Breakdown, Outbreak, Cutback, Drive in, Drop out, feedback, Flyover,Set-back


8.Collective Noun:

Collective nouns are those nouns which consist no. of thing or group of people.

Examples of collective Nouns:

a, A band of men

b, A cast of actors

c, A blush of boys

d, A colony of gulls

e, A can of soda

f, A jar of Honey

g, A team of players.

Example of Collective Noun: A good team ever focus on win,

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