Relative Pronoun

relative pronoun




Relative Pronoun presents Relative clause, it modifies the main clause of the sentence, this is the garden that Mrs. Smith maintain. in such clause “That” is relative pronoun, who, which , whom, whose and that etc.


Relative Pronoun    uses Instances
Who It presents for people meet my friend jack who passed the exams with “A” grade.
WhichIt presents for Object and animalssmoking is not a good habit which can ruin your life.
WhomIt presents people when the person is the object of the verb this is the boy with whom my cousin going to be engaged.
WhoseIt presents possession of the things or people specially for asking questionsWhose are these books?.

Do you know whose watch is on the rack?.

That It presents People, animals and things. He is a very poor man that is begging on the road side.
WhereIt presents Placesthat is a house where we lived ten years ago.
WhatIt presents things and for asking questions, also use for exclamation. Today what a fantastic day.

What kind of drinks do you like?


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