Proper Noun

Proper Noun




what is Proper noun?

refers to a specific name of person thing .it begin with capital letter in any position in sentence. proper nouns


Example of Proper Nouns:

1)Mr. John is on Vacation that is why he is not attending calls.

2).Mrs.Sara is the good student in the class.

3) Mr. Jason and Sara are proper name and capitalized .


Chart of Common Nouns/Proper Nouns

Common NounProper Noun
Some old buildings are still exist in the cityParis is the city of fragrance
He is such a great writerChristopher Columbus has discovered America.
She always hanging out with her BoyfriendJupiter is the planet
My friends always like to go to library for studies My family used to spend holidays in Los Angles
 Brother like sports carsFerrari is the most expensive car.