Concrete Noun

concrete noun





What is Concrete Noun ?

They are things that physically put it on one or more of our five senses. They are quite easy to identify as they are usually preceded by one of the previously articles: a, an, or the. If one of these articles can be put to come the word, and once spoken it sounds OK, later it is in the region of sure that a authentic noun has been found. However, there are always exceptions to the believe to be!

These are along with more hard to identify as we are unable to use the whole of the articles by now them. A heat, an electricity, and an feel, for example reach not hermetic true, and produce a consequences not take taking into account English grammar rules, although we are skillful to use the article the in stomach of them.

concrete Noun are such noun which are tangible physically exist , like Books,Tree, human, Building etc. it can feel by touching or carrying these nouns also be countable.

Uses of Concrete Nouns:

  1. This is my House.
  2. When I reached my office time was 9:am clock.
  3. I loves to have Apple every morning.
  4. My friend’s children are very naughty.
  5. disgruntled customers are very difficult to satisfy.
  6. Soldiers fought Bravely.
  7.  please open the door someone is belling.

As the Concrete nouns are countable they have singular/plural forms are as:


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