Compound Nouns Definition & examples

Compound Nouns Definition & Examples:

A few compound nouns are usually written together word (e. g. a tablecloth), some as separate words (e. g. waste paper), etc. with a hyphen (e. g. a word – processor). Some compound nouns are often written in additional than one of these ways (e. g. a golf link or a golf – course). an honest dictionary will tell you the ways a specific compound noun is typically written.

If the first noun has a plural meaning, it usually has a singular form:

Example: an address book ( = a book for addresses; not an address book)
Example: a car park ( = a place for parking cars; not a cars book)

However, there are a number of exceptions. These include nouns that are only used in the plural, or have a different meaning in singular/ plural or countable/ uncountable:

For instance: a clothes shop ( compare to a shoe shop)
Example: a communications network
Example: a glasses case ( = for spectacles)


It consists of two or more word combinations. Most compound nouns in English are formed by nouns modified by other nouns or adjectives.


   Noun+Noun     Police Man Policeman
  Noun+Noun    Dining Table Dining Table
 Verb+Noun  Washing  Machine Washing machine
 Adjective+           Noun  Soft  ware software



compound nouns often have a meaning that is different from the two words.

Many common compound nouns are created from phrasal verbs (verb + Adverb + or Adverb + verb)

Example: Breakdown, Outbreak, Cutback, Drive-in, Drop out, feedback, Flyover, Set-back


Compound noun examples:

  1. Typhoid is an Outbreak in the city.
  2. The teacher gave very positive feedback about John’s studies.
  3. Flyovers help to reduce traffic problems in the metropolitan city
  4. A big electric breakdown is expected today.
  5. I always love Cowboy in my childhood.
  6. He looked down to see his notebook on his desk, 
  7. Jimmy was the shy man ever in my classmate.
  8. She passed the tree where the horse’s tack was propped and grabbed Hawk’s bridle, the silver work glinting in the moonlight.
  9. James’ home is three kilometers away from the Railway station.
  10. According to the doctor’s prescription, you have taken one Teaspoon of syrup.

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