Common Noun

Common Noun




Common noun denotes to a generic sense, girl , boy, Dog, Building,Restaurant, it not represent specific thing or person noun is every where.

A noun is a word that names a person, animal, place, impinge on, or idea. All nouns can be additional classified as a proper or common noun. Common nouns are words.

Discuss the fact that most things can be perceived by a new one wisdom.A Chocolate can be seen, smelt tasted and felt. It can even be heard if we maintenance going on front less it re the arena.

We tend to think of feeling goo even even even though we can see it.think of smelling toilet water even though we can atmosphere it. We tend to think of tasting Biscuits though we can odor it.

Choose a subject place and probe your students to think of related common nouns.

The subject place of monsters (always popular) might guide to blood, fangs, claws, zombies, vampires, eyeballs and wounds.

Brands, government title aren’t consider as noun

Examples of Common Noun:

A boy offers his father to travel library with him.

A Teacher ask student for yesterday home work.


  1. Sunny got the master degree.
  2. Venice is one of the best city in the world.
  3. Toyota made very luxurious cars.
  4. Mount Everest is one of the highest mountain.
  5. The girls are dancing.
  6. Jupiter is that the largest planet of the system .
  7.  The seat is flashing.
  8. Johnson is reading a autograph album.
  9. My favorite pets are dogs, cats, and Rabbits

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