Proper Adjective

proper adjective






Proper adjective arrive from proper nouns. Proper adjectives are enormously specific, and are furthermore used in description of a noun. this is with a regular adjective, but proper adjectives are in the remove from more specific.

Writers tend to pick to use the first different. If a writer is too verbose, readers will without help vacation far and wide ahead than their words and stamp album irate or – worse – bored.

This Adjective which refer to particular name of person or place, thing,  it always prefix with capital letter,country name Canada is  start with Capital letter for  Adjective (Canadian), Ireland is the country name start with Capital letter for Adjective (Irish).

Names of places (city,country and continents)

Person Name (John,Maria, Sylvester etc)



It  has two forms:

  1. Adjective formed by the Proper Noun.
  2. Proper Noun uses as an Adjective.



Proper Noun


Proper Adjectives
ParisParis Fragrance
Swiss ZealandSwiss Zealand Scenery
JapanJapan technology
Russian  Russian Army
China this is a Chines food


As Mention above  it also derived from person proper Noun:



Proper Noun


Proper Adjectives
William ShakespeareShakespearean
Harold KoontzA Koontzian theory on Management
Albert Einsteineinsteinian
Adolf HitlerHitlerian
Mahatma GandhiGandhian
Jesus ChristChristian



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