Reflexive Pronoun

Reflexive Pronoun




Reflexive pronoun referring to the person or animal or another pronoun define that the same person or thing is involved in the sentence,

myself,himself,herself,yourself,itself,ourselves,themselves, are reflexive pronoun.

such pronouns are formed by adding -self and -selves.


Personal pronounReflexive PronounExamples
I MyselfI committed myself thousand times.
HeHimself He created the master panting by himself.
SheHerself She has so many coins and saved herself very carefully.
ItItself That LED screen can Adjust the picture resolution itself.
   They      Themselves   People in the jungle from animals by     themselves.
     You (Singular)Yourself     Are you ready participate singing competition by yourself
    You   (Plural)YourselvesGood to see you in party by yourselves.


Conditions of  these pronouns:

1.There must be subject and object are similar.

Example: He press the clothes by himself.


2. Some Reflexive pronoun used after verb,

Example: I Burned myself while cooking.


3. “By” also can be used to emphasize subject of the verb doing something individually.

Example: I washed the car by myself.

He done all his work by himself.

4. Reflexive Pronouns are used as the object of preposition, there must be subject and object are similar.

Example:  i see in the mirror to myself.

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