• Adjective Define Contains all types of adjective as:                                                                                                                                                                  1. Adjective  2. Formation and uses of Adjective 3. Descriptive Adjectives  4. Adjective of Number 5. Demonstrative Adjective 6.Possessive Adjective 7. Interrogative Adjective 8. proper Adjective.

Adjectives definition and examples

              Adjectives definition and examples: In Adjective meaning and examples, the adjective is a word that transforms the noun or pronoun in the sentence, it expresses an opinion, size, age, shape, color, etc. adjectives are words that are will not represent nouns or pronouns. These words could also be covered in … Read more

Forming adjective & uses of Adjective

            Forming adjectives & uses of Adjective: Forming adjective & uses of Adjective: there are not any general rules to form adjective but there are some practices which are being followed to make adjectives.   Below are some samples of Formation & uses of Adjective. Suffixes Examples -able/ibl understandable,possible,capable -al special,potential,influential -ful graceful,beautiful,harmful. -ic artistic,atomic,mathematics. -ed ... Read more

What are Descriptive Adjectives? examples

    What are Descriptive Adjectives? examples What are Descriptive Adjectives? examples are these adjectives which are describing the pleasant of the Noun or pronoun. some adjectives describe size, texture, appearance, attractiveness, adjectives may before or after they modify descriptive Adjectives describe nouns or pronouns in detail by giving an attribute to that particular word. ... Read more

adjectives of number examples sentences

Adjectives of number examples sentences: adjectives of number examples sentences This Adjective describe the quantity of a Noun or Pronoun, either it is a definite or indefinite number is present in the sentence in both ordinal or cardinal number this is also used in question like How much and How Many. In other words, it … Read more

demonstrative adjectives examples

  Demonstrative adjectives examples:   Demonstrative adjectives examples a "Noun",  it points out things or persons near or farther to you in the sentence, it also called Demonstrative determiners, It is not followed the main verb but modifies the noun and come before it in the sentence. That, Those- uses for farther to You. This, ... Read more

Possessive Adjectives and examples

    Possessive Adjectives and examples:   Possessive Adjectives and examples show the possession or ownership of something in the sentence. this adjective always followed the Noun. Her, My, His, Its's. A: Possessive adjectives in English ask the possessor and not the thing possessed. Everything that a person or boy possesses is his thing; everything that a lady or girl possesses ... Read more

Interrogative Adjectives examples

  Interrogative Adjectives examples:   Interrogative Adjectives examples are used with nouns to ask the question in a sentence. How, Why, Which, What, Whose, when they are used with nouns to ask questions are called Interrogative Adjectives. S.No Interrogative Adjective Sentences 01 Which  In which class you are studying? 02 Whose Whose care is this? ... Read more

what is a proper adjective?

        Proper adjectives arrive from proper nouns. Proper adjectives are very specific and furthermore use within the outline of a noun. this is often with a daily adjective. Proper adjectives are a word or set of words that modify or describe a noun or pronoun after modification adjectives can come before or after. Proper adjectives are making … Read more

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