Adjective Is a word which modifies the noun or pronoun in the sentence, it describes , opinion, size, age, shape, color etc.

When adjectives are used before a noun or pronoun they are called attributive.

  1. she is a bad girl
  2. This is a huge building.
  3. The brown eyes.

When they are used after a noun or pronoun they are called predicative.

  1. This man is brave.
  2. The wall is green.

in above predicative “is” a linking verb.

some adjective functions as Noun.

Adjectives are used as nouns in plural manner when they precede by “The“.

  1. The blind  receive their sight.
  2. The homeless  got their houses.
  3. The rich can buy anything they want.

Noun uses as Adjective

  1. He always wear cotton pant
  2. She likes Golden chain.

some adjective are:

  1. Rough
  2. sharp
  3. Hard
  4. Good
  5. Bad
  6. silly
  7. Brave
  8. High
  9. Clean
  10. Thick
  11. Little
  12. Handsome
  13. Heavy
  14. Intelligent
  15. Lovely

Examples of Adjectives:

  1. My friend is a very brave soldier.
  2. Be careful while cutting the vegetable because the knife is very sharp.
  3. Today is very Lovely weather.
  4. Road is diverted to another side because heavy machinery is working there.
  5. Kindly pour the little tea in the cup.
  6. He drives the car very Rough.
  7. My sister is very intelligent in her class.
  8. My brother got a very attractive salary package.
  9. I am willing to visit adventurous places.
  10. beautiful scenery is my weakness.
  11. My mother always made Tasty food.
  12. Dubai is famous for its Huge buildings.

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