Descriptive Adjectives

Descriptive Adjectives:

What are Descriptive Adjectives? examples are these adjectives which describe the pleasant of the Noun or pronoun. some adjectives describe size, texture, appearance, and attractiveness, adjectives may before or after they modify descriptive Adjectives describe nouns or pronouns in detail by giving an attribute to that particular word.

they usually express things through five senses (Touch, sense, sight, smell, and sound)

Descriptive Adjectives can be maintained in the below classes.

a) simple adjectives are the most basic types of Descriptive Adjectives

  1. It was a beautiful day/yesterday
  2. clear sky
  3. Green grass
  4. cheerful people

b) Compound adjectives are created when two words are combined by using hyphens.

1. James has a baby face.

2. my cat has long tail.



Descriptive Adjectives examples:

  1. My father is very Humble.
  2. My sports car is very Fast. (fast describing the quality of the subject).
  3. He is a tall man.
  4. she is a very pretty girl.
  5. He is a very intelligent student.
  6. Sara has so much soft hair.
  7. Always run the car slow on speed breakers.
  8. James is a very nice man.
  9. He is a footballer.
  10. this is a delicious burger.
  11. She loves transparent jars.
  12. it is a beautiful hill.
  13. I want to buy a platinum ring
  14. My mother enjoyed a few minutes of weightless flight and looked at the beautiful view.
  15. Don’t eat on that broken plate.


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