Indefinite Pronoun

indefinite pronoun






Indefinite Pronoun, it refers to unknown or non specific people,things and places they do not have definite address to a person or things like personal pronoun. some Indefinite Pronoun are given below.

  1. One
  2. Everyone
  3. Everybody
  4. Others
  5. Each
  6. Some
  7. Someone


Singular and Plural forms of  Indefinite Pronoun

Singular PluralBoth (Singular and Plural)
Any BodyOthersSome


Examples of Pronoun:

  1. Each player is trying to beat its competitor team.
  2. Everyone is happy at convocation day.
  3. Everything is ready according to strategy.
  4. Has Anybody guitar for today party?.
  5. Both are ready to go to participate in the competition.
  6. Many children are not going in school picnic.
  7. Several employees are absent today.
  8. Some people are not interested in government policies / Some is good.
  9. None of them are ready to go in today party/None is coming in my birthday.
  10. All students were pass with remarkable marks/ All information is incorrect.


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