Relative Pronoun and relative clauses

Relative Pronoun and relative clauses:

Relative Pronoun presents the Relative clause, it modifies the noun in the main clause of the sentence, this is the garden that Mrs. Smith maintains. in such clause “That” is a relative pronoun, who, which, whom, whose and that etc.


Modify the subject.

Refer only to people

Mr. searching the man who had been left alone on the roadside.


modify the obejct

refer only to people

Huzaifa doesn’t know whom he invited to the party.


modify both subject and object.

refer to things, qualities, and clauses


modify both subject and object.

refer to things, qualities, and ideas.

Relative Pronoun     uses Examples
Who  It presents for people  meet my friend jack who passed the exams with an “A” grade.
Which It presents for Subject and Object smoking is not a good habit that can ruin your life.
Whom It presents people when the person is the object of the verb this is the boy with whom my cousin going to be engaged.
Whose It presents possession of the things or people especially for asking questions Whose are these books?.


Do you know whose pen is on the rack?.

That  It presents People, animals, and things.  He is a very poor man that is begging on the roadside.
Where It presents Places that is a house where we lived ten years ago.
What It presents things and for asking questions, also use for exclamation.  Today what a fantastic day.


What kind of drinks do you like?


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