Formation of adjectives

Formation of adjective:

Forming adjective & uses of Adjective: there are not any general rules to form adjective but there are some practices which are being followed to make adjectives.


Below are some samples of Formation & uses of Adjective.

Suffixes Examples
-able/ibl understandable,possible,capable
-al special,potential,influential
-ful graceful,beautiful,harmful.
-ic artistic,atomic,mathematics.
-ed related, interested,
-less speechless,endless,emotionless
-ive Active,alternative,creative

 Forming adjective from the noun:

 Noun  Adjective
  Shame Shameless
Boy Boyish
Gold Golden
care Careful
Fool Foolish

Uses of Adjective:

Any, Some

Any use for negative/interrogative and a few use for affirmative.

  1. Does he have any Mangoes?
  2. Have you any Mangoes
  3. He gives me some Mangoes

Later, Latter

Later, mention time, and Latter denote position.

  1. My friend reached school later than me.
  2. Recommend the latter option.

Elder, Older

Elder used the only face to face and moreover formal than older and Older utilized in person and thing both

  1. He is my elder sister.
  2. He is the elder member of the club.
  3. Who is that the older brother in both of them?
  4. My house is older than your house.

Fewer, Less

Fewer mention the amount it uses for countable nouns and fewer mention quantity and uses with uncountable nouns.

  1. I did less work than my routine.
  2. I have fewer flocks of birds than I used to have.
  3. Mr.John drank less water today as the doctor prescribed the quantity.

Many, Much

Many are utilized for countable nouns and Much is practiced with uncountable nouns.

  1. They don’t have much money to spend on holidays.
  2. George has many cars.
  3. Lucy has many friends in college.
  4. Sarah is so much miserable after her dead mother.

Little, a little, the little.

Little means hardly any not definite meaning, a little means not much but better, the little means not much but all of that.

  1. Micheal has little hope for recovery from leg surgery. (hardly any, negative meaning)
  2. Ferguson has a little money ( not much, some, positive meaning)
  3. I have little information that is not reliable. (Not much but complete of that)




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