adjectives of number examples sentences

Adjectives of number examples sentences:

adjectives of number examples sentences This adjective describes the quantity of a noun or pronoun, whether it is a definite or indefinite number. It is present in the sentence in both ordinal and cardinal numbers. It is also used in questions like how much and how many.

An adjective of number is a word that describes how many of some things there are. For example, “three” is an adjective for a number. Adjectives of numbers can go before or after the noun they’re describing. For example, you could say “Three dogs.”

There are a few different types of adjectives for numbers. The most common are cardinal numbers, which express how many of something there are. For example, “I have three brothers and sisters” or “There are ten students in my class.” Ordinal numbers are similar, but they express the order or rank of something. For example, “She was the first person to finish the race” or “he’s the third oldest child in his family.” Lastly, there are collective numbers, which express a group or whole. For example, “We caught a dozen fish” or “All together, there are fifty states in the United States of America.”

  • In other words, it shows the number of people or things.
  • It is also known as a numerical adjective.

This adjective has three different kinds:

  1. Adjectives of definite numbers

a) Cardinal. One, Two, three, etc.

b) Ordinal. First, second, third, etc.


  1. One of my friends has joined the Army.
  2. Jack has secured the first position in the final term.
  3. Yesterday was my last day of school.

2. adjective of the indefinite numeral

These adjectives do not describe definite or exact numbers: All, Many, Several, Certain, Any.


  1. I have purchased some brownies for the children.
  2. The crowd is very excited to see their favorite players on the ground.
  3. Several soldiers were injured during an enemy attack.

3. adjective of the distributive numeral.

This Adjective describes one number,

Each, Every, Either, Neither.


  1. Everyone must read the expiration date on medicine before use.
  2. Each of them, my friends, put effort into achieving the target.
  3. Neither he nor his friends are ready to go on the hill.

Adjective of number example:

Definite Numeral Adjectives: (Specify an exact number)

  1. The first bite was always the most delicious.
  2. I woke up at the crack of dawn (the fifth hour).
  3. The seventh contestant finally answered correctly.
  4. We climbed the hundredth stair, reaching the rooftop.
  5. He spoke in three different languages fluently.
  6. The second floor was reserved for VIP guests.
  7. She baked four batches of cookies for the party.
  8. The twelfth night of Christmas is a special occasion.
  9. The millionth view of the video was a milestone.
  10. The Twin Towers stood tall in the city skyline.

Indefinite Numeral Adjectives: (Specify amount)

  1. Several paths led through the dense forest.
  2. Few people dared to venture into the haunted house.
  3. There were many stars twinkling in the night sky.
  4. All the guests were invited to join the dance.
  5. I have some errands to run before work.
  6. Most of the cake was already eaten.
  7. We need a few more volunteers for the project.
  8. Much time was spent preparing for the event.
  9. Enough is enough, let’s move on.
  10. I have no idea where the missing phone is.

Distributive Numeral Adjectives: (Refer to individual items)

  1. Each contestant gave their best performance.
  2. Every child received a gift.
  3. Neither team scored a point in the first half.
  4. Either option would be a good choice.
  5. Both sides presented their arguments convincingly.
  6. Each day brings new opportunities.
  7. We visited several museums on our trip.
  8. Every flower bloomed beautifully in the spring.
  9. The judges evaluated each dish carefully.
  10. Neither answer was completely correct.

Examples with Multiple Adjectives:

  1. I ran the first three miles before breakfast.
  2. There were only a few seats left in the theatre.
  3. Each of the seven dwarfs had a unique personality.
  4. We celebrated every single victory with enthusiasm.
  5. Neither of the two finalists wanted to lose.
  6. The bakery offers a dozen different types of bread.
  7. The recipe calls for a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper.
  8. The concert was enjoyed by both young and old.
  9. She read several pages of the book every night.
  10. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of people at the festival.

Advanced Examples:

  1. The quintessential American hero is brave and selfless.
  2. The dual nature of reality is both fascinating and confusing.
  3. The quadruple threat of climate change is alarming.
  4. He walked a score of miles without getting tired.
  5. The dozens of roses filled the room with fragrance.
  6. The magician performed a sleight-of-hand trick.
  7. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity shouldn’t be missed.
  8. She completed the marathon in record time.
  9. The million-dollar question remained unanswered.
  10. The multifaceted artist mastered many different skills.

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