adjectives of number examples sentences

Adjectives of number examples sentences:

adjectives of number examples sentences This Adjective describe the quantity of a Noun or Pronoun, either it is a definite or indefinite number is present in the sentence in both ordinal or cardinal number this is also used in question like How much and How Many.

  • In other words, it shows the number of people or thing
  • It is also known as a Numerical adjective.



Examples of Adjectives of Numbers:
  1. My brother has two heavy bikes.
  2. Few boys are really naughty.
  3. All students have passed the exams.
  4. Most girls like long hair.
  5. He searched Several shops but he didn’t find his desired book.
  6. Each student has to do an internship.
  7. two children are better than one.
  8. some players do very well on the field.
  9. Salman lives on the third floor
  10. they have read many books.
  11. Haider got double promotion in a year.
  12. Huzaifa got 1st position in the class.
  13. Doctors work 12 hours shifts.
  14. Some boys are playing on the ground.


This Adjective has three different kinds,

  1. Adjectives of definite Numeral.

a) Cardinal. One, Two, Three.etc

b) Ordinal. First, second, third.etc


  1. One of my friends has joined Army.
  2. jack has secured the first position in the final term.
  3. yesterday my last day of school.


2. Adjective of the indefinite numeral.

These adjectives do not describe definite/exact numbers,, All, Many, Several, Certain, Any.


  1. I have purchased Some brownies for the children.
  2. The crowd is very excited to see their favorite players on the ground.
  3.  Several soldiers were injured during an enemy attack.


3. Adjective of the distributive numeral.

This Adjective describes one number,

Each, Every, Either, Neither.


  1. Everyone must read the expiry on medicine before use.
  2. Each of them my friends put an effort to achieve the target.
  3. Neither he are and nor his friends are ready to go on the hill.

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