Interrogative Adjectives examples

Interrogative Adjectives examples:


Interrogative Adjective examples are used with nouns to ask the question in a sentence. How, Why, Which, What, and Whose, when they are used with nouns to ask questions are called Interrogative Adjectives.

S.No Interrogative Adjective Sentences
01 Which  In which class you are studying?
02 Whose Whose care is this?
03 What what you are thinking about that?
04 Why Why the U.S. has stopped the immigrant visa?
05 What What books are you buying today?
06 Whose Whose car did you use?
07 Why Why students are gathered in the convocation hall?
08 Which Which Scientist invented the Bulb?
09 Why Why did man cut the tree without prior approval?


Difference between Interrogative Adjectives and Interrogative pronouns:

Both Interrogative Adjectives and Interrogative pronouns are used for asking questions but there are some differences between them:

An interrogative pronoun is used to ask questions, it does not modify nouns or pronouns it also stands alone.

Examples of Interrogative pronouns:

a) What are you doing?

b) Which is the best opportunity?

c) Who is the girl?

e) Whom do you know?

f) which is your pen?

g) Who is your friend?

i) Whom are you talking to?

Above sentences notice that after WH noun does not appear.


In Interrogative Adjectives appear before Nouns.

Examples Interrogative Adjective

a) Whose bags are these?

b) Which books did you like?

c) What are the reasons are you going to give for being absent?

d) Which pen is yours?

e) Who the girl is?



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