Possessive adjectives

Possessive adjectives:

Possessive Adjectives examples show the possession or ownership of something in the sentence. this adjective always followed the Noun. Her, My, His, It’s.

A: Possessive adjectives in English ask the possessor and not the thing possessed. Everything that a person or boy possesses is his thing;

everything that a lady or girl possesses is her thing:
Tom’s father is his father but
Mary’s father is her father.
Everything that an animal or something possesses is its thing:
A tree drops its leaves in autumn.
A happy dog wags its tail.
But if the sex of the animal is understood, his/her would often be used.
If there’s quite one possessor, there is used:
The girls are with their brother.
Trees drop their leaves in autumn.

Note that the possessive adjective remains an equivalent whether the thing possessed is singular or plural:

my socks, my socks his foot, his feet
B: Possessive adjectives are applied with clothes and parts of the body:
She changed her shoes. He injured his back.
C: to feature emphasis, own are often placed after my, your, his, etc. and after one’s;
my own room her own idea
own is often an adjective, as above, or a pronoun:
a room of one’s own
Note the expression:
I’m on my very own = I’m alone.

Possessive Adjective in sentences:

Possessive Adjective  uses in the sentences
 My My car is red
Your Your house is new
our Our class is  noisy
His His clothes are dirty
Her Her puppy is very cute
Their Their home is very large
Its Its color is beautiful
Your Your child is a little weak in math
My  My laptop is out of order for the last two week


it’sthey’re and there are no possessive adjectives.

Possessive adjectives are different from Possessive Pronouns. Posse. An adjective is always followed by a noun.


 Possessive pronoun                       Possessive adjective

  1.  Mine                                                           My
  2. Ours                                                            Ours
  3. Yours                                                           Your
  4. His                                                               His
  5. Hers                                                            His
  6. Theirs                                                          Their


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