demonstrative adjectives examples


Demonstrative adjectives examples:


Demonstrative adjectives examples a “Noun”,  it points out things or persons near or farther to you in the sentence, it also called Demonstrative determiners, It is not followed the main verb but modifies the noun and come before it in the sentence.

That, Those– uses for farther to You.

This, These -Uses for near to you.

they are used adjectives and pronouns in the sentence.


Below is the list of singular/Plural demonstrative Adjectives.





  1. I am keeping these Magazines.
  2. How much is that bike?
  3. This cat belongs to me.
  4. Are you happy with that guitar?
  5. Those books are very informative.
  6. That car is very expensive.
  7. Give me that green bottle.
  8. I want those gorgeous curtains.
  9. These Apples are rotting
  10. That Man looks worried
  11. This/That boy is very intelligent.
  12. This/That man is very handsome.

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