Proper noun examples in sentences

Proper noun examples in sentences:

 A proper noun is a word that derives from a common noun; for example, fruit is a noun referring to an entire class of trees or fruit.
This class may include figs, oranges, peaches, melons, apples, mangoes, bananas, grapes, persimmons, pears, apricots, and strawberries. Proper nouns are not to be confused with nouns that occur in the sentence as proper nouns in themselves. For example, the phrase “the fruit of the peach tree” is not a proper noun; it is an adjective describing a single tree.

This is the precise opposite of a standard noun. Proper nouns ask for all the items that are unique. they need their own distinguishable identity.
All proper nouns start with a capital letter: London (a city), Napoleon – (a historical figure), Amazon (a waterway), Avatar (a movie), Mr.Burger (a restaurant), The Lion, the Witch and therefore the Wardrobe (a book) and Sydney Harbour Bridge (a landmark).

Proper nouns examples:


1) Mr. John is on Vacation which is why he is now not attending calls.

2). Miss. Sara is a good student in class.

3) Mr. Jason and Sara are suitable to identify and capitalize.

4) My friends live in the U.K.

5) Sameer and Ali went to Gorakh Hill station on Sunday.

6) I ordered the laptop from Daraz.

7) Texas is one of my favorite places to visit.

8) Huzaifa went on holiday in July.

9) We had a burger at Mr.Burger.

10) In Augustwe are traveling to UAE.

11) Washington is the capital of the USA.

12) Julie played with her sister.

13) Danial checked out the stars through her telescope.


Common nouns and Proper noun:


Common Noun Proper Noun
Some Old constructions nonetheless exist in the town Paris is the city of fragrance
He is such an exceptional writer Christopher Columbus discovered America.
She always hanging out with her Boyfriend Jupiter is the planet
My friends always like to go to the library to studies  My family used to spend holidays in Los Angles
 Brother like sports cars Ferrari is the most expensive car.
Her sister likes biscuits very much. My mother loves to have Orio biscuits.
my friend’s family is habitual to go restaurant for dinner once a week, friend’s younger brother Osama affection to eating KFC.
The life of the village always inspires those people who travel and live in large cities Chicago is committed to supporting small businesses and improving the standard of life for its residents.



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