Countable and Uncountable Nouns worksheet

Countable and uncountable nouns worksheet:

Many languages have classifiers that identify countable and uncountable nouns as belonging to a specific type or having a specific shape. Numerous abstract nouns are uncountable, but not all uncountable nouns are abstract.

1. I even have one orange in my hand, but there are six oranges in the fruit bowl. 2. there’s a cup on the table, but there are many cups in the cupboard. 3. We’ve got one family car, but our neighbors have two or three.

1. Water (we cannot say, water, or many glasses of water). 2. Fruit bun (we cannot say, one fruit bun, or two pieces of Fruit bun). 3. Rice ( we cannot say, three rice, or many kinds of rice). When we quantify a noun or put it in a container, the noun remains uncountable.

Countable Nouns:

If something (a noun) can be counted, it is later considered a countable noun.

Countable noun: describes the quantity that contains a singular or plural form and can be used with a number or a/an before it.

Countable noun examples:

Singular Plural
Table Tables
Jug Jugs
Shop Shops

1. Please fetch my Books from the Table.

2. A grapefruit juice jug is in the refrigerator.

3. Shop Toys near my house.

4) The police ran a check on the license plate and found out that the car had been stolen.

5) My friend went to open the trunk of the car and I helped the suitcase man wrap the luggage in a large plastic bag.

6) Nobody felt like eating, and even as well, because James had a cup of noodles and a box of tea.

Uncountable nouns:

If a noun cannot be counted, then it is considered to be an uncountable noun. If we are unable to put “one,” “a,” or “many” in the stomach of a noun, subsequently we cannot insert it.

Uncountable Noun: describe such nouns that can not be counted, mass, liquid, emotions, ideas, wind.

Uncountable noun examples:

  1. My father loves to have Tea.
  2.  Wafers are more crispy than biscuits.
  3. breakfast with bread is more light than any other stuff.
  4. Sunflower Oil for Health.
  5. Information technology is currently doing much to vary our perceptions, and space technology holds out an opportunity for infinite exploration.
  6. In currency markets trading on  Thursday, the rand was trading at 7.5 rands per American dollar.

     7. The station also broadcasts a short weekly news bulletin in the Cornish language.

Uncountable nouns list:

Music Cream Gold Information
Beer Dust Sand Water
Jam Soap Wine Coffee
Stone Wood Tea Oil

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