Parts of speech

parts of speech





Parts of speech is the lessons of phrase it is additionally regarded the eight most important classes of components of speech it is divided into sub-classes , it is help full to apprehend shape of the sentence and make them significant.

Below are the eight Parts of speech


Describe the things, place, person etc

England,Julian,Building, Car,Dog, Elephant.etc.


Pronoun make use of alternatively of Noun, and keep away from repetition of noun in the sentence.

He, she, I,Me, We Us, Them,

types of Pronoun are:

a) personal pronoun

b) Demonstrative Pronoun

c) Distributive Pronoun

e) Interrogative Pronoun

f) Relative Pronoun

g) Indefinite Pronoun

h) Reflexive Pronoun

i) Reciprocal Pronoun

3) Adjective:

Types of Adjective are:

a) Descriptive Adjectives

b) Adjective of Number.

c) Demonstrative Adjective.

e) Possessive Adjective.

f) Interrogative Adjective.

g) proper Adjective.

4) Adverb:


Adverb is a phrase that adjust a verb,  adjective Adverbs commonly specific manner, place, time, frequency, degree, degree of certainty, such as:




how much

how often

5) Verb:

Verb is a phrase that outline an motion in syntax or in sentence, barring Verb sentence can’t be completed.

a) Principle or Main Verb:

  • Transitive Verb.
  • Intransitive Verb.

b) Auxiliary Verb (Helping verb)

  • Primary Auxiliary.
  • Modal Auxiliary.

c) Finite Verb:

d) Non-finite Verb:

  • Infinite
  • Gerund
  • Participle

6) Preposition:

Preposition is a phrase used to hyperlink nouns, pronouns, or phrases to different phrases within a sentence,types of preposition are as:

a) Simple preposition.

b) Compound preposition.

c) Double Preposition.

d) Participle Preposition.

e) Phrase Preposition.

7) Interjections:

Interjection is expresses human feeling, emotions,etc


a) Interjections for Greeting – these include: Hello! , Hey! …

b) Interjections for Joy – these include: Hurrah! , Hurray! …

c) Interjections for Approval – these include: Bravo! …

d) Interjections for Surprise – these include: Ha! …

e) Interjections for Grief/Pain – these include: Alas!

8) Conjunction:

a) Coordinating  Conjunction. For, and,nor, but,

b) Subordination Conjunction.After, Although, as

c) Correlative Conjunction.Either, or, Neither..Nor