Types of noun with examples

Types of noun with examples:

Nouns are one of the most important parts of speech in the English language. There are many different types of nouns, each with its own function and rules.

The most common type of noun is the common noun. Common nouns are the names of things that are not specific, such as ‘chair’, ‘table’, or ‘dog’. They are not capitalized unless they are at the beginning of a sentence.

Proper nouns are the names of specific people, places, or things. They are always capitalized. For example, ‘John’, ‘London’, and ‘Christmas’ are all proper nouns.

Collective nouns are used to describe a group of things. For example, ‘flock’, ‘herd’, and ‘team’ are all collective nouns.

Abstract nouns are used to describe concepts or ideas that cannot be seen or touched. For example, ‘happiness’, ‘anger’, and ‘love’ are all abstract nouns.

Types of Noun are:

  1. Common Noun,
  2. Proper Noun,
  3. Countable Noun,
  4. Uncountable Noun, 
  5. Concrete Noun,
  6. Abstract Noun,
  7. Compound Noun,
  8. Collective Noun.

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1.Common Noun:

It indicates generic uses like a girl, boy, Dog, Building, Restaurant.

Examples of Common Noun:

A son offers his father to go library with him.

A Teacher asks students for yesterday’s homework.

2. Proper Noun:

It belongs to a particular name of a person thing etc. it starts with a capital letter in any position in the sentence.

Example of Proper Noun:

Mr. John is on Holiday which is why he is not attending calls.

Miss.Sara is an intelligent student in the class.

Mr. Smith and Sara are proper names.

3. Countable Noun: 

Countable nouns specify the quantity they carry in a singular or plural form, and can be used with a number or a/an before it.

Example of Countable Noun:


 Singular  Plural
Table Tables
Jar Jars
Glass Glass


4. Uncountable Noun:

that Noun can not be counted, mass, liquid, emotions, ideas, wind.

example of uncountable Noun:

Wood, Water, Milk.

5. Concrete Noun:

A concrete Noun is such noun that is tangible, like Books, Tree, humans,

6. Abstract Noun:

like, are uncountable, Such as Hatred, Love, Sea, Grief, Dream, and Friendship.  

Example of Abstract Noun: He loves the chicks passionately, and Mr. Huzaifa feels misery after his Mother died.

7. Compound Noun:

It consists of a couple or more word combinations, most compound nouns in English are formed by nouns modified by different nouns or adjectives.

   Noun+Noun     Police Man Policeman
  Noun+Noun    Dining Table Dining Table
 Verb+Noun  Washing  Machine Washing machine
  Adjective+               Noun  Soft  ware software

compound noun usually has a definition that is different from the two words.

Several common compound nouns are formed from phrasal verbs (verb + Adverb + or Adverb + verb)

For instance: Breakdown, Outbreak, Cutback, Drive-in, Drop out, feedback, Flyover, Set-back


8. Collective Noun:

Collective nouns are those nouns that consist of no. of a thing or a group of people.

Examples of Collective Nouns:

a, A band of men

b, A cast of actors

c, A blush of boys

d, A colony of gulls

e, A can of soda

f, A jar of Honey

g, A team of players.

Example of Collective Noun: A good team ever focuses on winning,

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