Adverb of time and Adverb of frequency

Adverbs Of Time:

Adverbs of time are words that describe how long something takes to complete and also when or how often something happens.

Examples of such words include Currently, Now, Often, Recently, Then, Soon, today, Always, Frequently, Tomorrow, Immediately, etc.


Frequency Adverbs:

Frequency adverbs are also time adverbs because they answer the query “How frequently?” or “How rapidly?” They provide us the information about the frequency with which something occurs. Daily, yearly, weekly, monthly, and are some instances.


Examples for Frequency adverbs and Adverbs of time:


  • The movie is starting now.
  • We will visit your school tomorrow.
  • When he heard about my accident, He responded immediately.
  • I will tell you about my new lifestyle. I swear I’ll do it daily.




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