Adverb is word which modifies a Verb, Adjective or another Adverbs.Traditionally it is considered a single part of speech, Quickly,Slowly,Gently are adverbs.

It is also expresses Time,, Manner, place, Phrases and degree.




  1. John runs quickly.  (In this sentence “quickly” is adverb and describe how and modify the verb “Runs”)
  2. Sara eats  Very Tasty burger. (In this sentence “Very” is Adverb and describe How much or degree and modify the verb “Eats” ).



In Below sentences Adverbs modify the Phrases.

  1. He is standing close beside her
  2. He wear all in black.


In below sentences Adverbs modify another adverbs.

  1. He moved to the destination very easily. (In this sentence “Very” modify the “easily”)
  2. Steward win the race quite Aggressively.(In this sentence “Very” modify the “easily”)


Total seven Types of Adverbs:

  1. time.
  2. Frequency.
  3. Place.
  4. Manner.
  5. Degree or quantity
  6. Affirmation and negation.
  7. Reason