Common Nouns a Simple Definition

Common Nouns a Simple Definition



Common Nouns a Simple Definition:

A common noun is a name given that is common to people, places, things, and even animals, etc. Common nouns do not belong to any particular person, place, or thing they are just common names. common nouns such as Man, Woman, doctor, town, etc, always write common nouns in lower case instead of upper case. Only make it capitalize when a sentence starts with it or appears in the title or else.

A common noun is a noun convincing a set of objects or a concept as opposed to a particular individual. whenever in common noun addition of -s that will consider being a plural form like boy added “S” now Boys, boxes, buses.

Noun ending in -y change -y into -i+ -es to plural.


Noun ending in -f-fe change into -ve + s — plural.

Life — lives, Wolf —Wolfes ( but: belief — beliefs, chef —chefs)

Some are irregular Nouns.

Singular                                           Plural

Man                                                   Men

Woman                                             Women

Person                                               People

Mouse                                               Mice



Brands, government title can not consider as a common noun

common noun examples:

  1. Sunny got a master’s degree.
  2. Venice is one of the best cities in the world.
  3. Toyota made very luxurious cars.
  4. Mount Everest is one of the highest mountains.
  5. The girls are dancing.
  6. Jupiter is that the largest planet in the system.
  7.  The seat is flashing.
  8. Ibrahim is reading an autograph album.
  9. My favorite pets are dogs, cats, and Rabbits
  10. Her father said that he would speak to her about her common behavior.
  11. She sat next to a pile of grass stems.
  12. The room was small but still large.
  13. When she went outside, she saw her mother walk along the path.
  14. She looked out into the field at the river that flowed.
  15. It was the longest road trip ever.
  16. She stayed in a common area of the building, to talk to someone.


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