personal pronouns & examples

personal pronouns & examples



Personal pronouns & examples:

In personal pronouns & examples, it replaces a noun or nouns in the naming part of a sentence, He, she, I, Me, We Us, Them. The pronouns “you” and “it” can be used anywhere in the sentence, You are used for both singular and plural nouns. “It” is used for animals and inanimate things.


a) She sent flowers to her relative.

b) who won the cricket match yesterday.

c) Whose automobile washed.

d) What is the reason he changes the institution.

e) To whom Sara given the books.

It shows Gender, masculine, Feminine, and Neuter gender. He, She, I,

you, it, we, and they are called personal pronouns, they are used as substitutes for proper nouns.


List of personal pronouns:

Subject PronounSingularPlural
He, She, ItThey
Object PronounMeUs
Him.Her, ItThem


the personal pronoun has three groups:

first person– speaking person. I.Me

second-person– The person has spoken to. You (singular& Plural forms both)

Third Person- He, She, It ( Singular) They, Them (Plural)

“I” always start with Capital.

Subject Object
First-person SingularIMe
Second-person singularYouYou
Third Person SingularHeHim


a) My Friend Akram, is a very good Rider.

b) Meet my teacher, she is a very kind, nice lady.

c) My father loves searching and likes to go with their friends.

d) my buddies are very passionate to go on holiday, I love to go with them as well.

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