Countable / Uncountable Noun

countable / uncountable noun





What is Countable / Uncountable Noun?

Examples of Countable / Uncountable Noun.

Countable Nouns

If something (a noun) can be counted, later it is considered to be a countable noun. If we can put “one,” “a,” or “many” in belly of a noun, later we can sum it.


Countable noun : describe the quantity  it contain singular or plural form, can be used with a number or a/an before it.

Example of Countable Noun:


Uses of Countable Noun:

  1. Please fetch my Books from the Table.

2. A apple juice jug is in the refrigerator.

3. Shop of Toys near to my house


Uncountable Nouns

If a noun cannot be counted, then it is considered to be an uncountable noun. If we are unable to put “one,” “a,” or “many” in stomach of a noun, subsequently we cannot insert it.

Uncountable Noun: describe such nouns they  can not be counted, mass, liquid, emotions,ideas, wind.


example of uncountable Noun:



Uses of Uncountable Noun

  1. My father loves to have Tea.
  2.  Wafers are more crispy than biscuits.
  3. breakfast with bread is more light than any other stuff.
  4. Sunflower Oil for health.

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